How My Short Height and Dark Color Has Affected Me in This Industry - Omowunmi Dada

Nigerian actress and AMVA winner Omowunmi Dada is one of the biggest upcoming actresses in the Nigerian movie industry. 

She has starred in a number of Nollywood productions including Oloture, Diamonds in the Skiyy, Finding Hubby, and more. However, as well as Omowunmi is doing these days, her rise to fame was not without tribulation, and now during a new interview with The Nigerian Tribune, Omowunmi is talking about it. Here is what Omowunmi Dada had to say about how her looks and height have affected her in building her career, about her stance on acting nude, and her advice for new actresses. Here's what she said.

How My Short Height and Dark Color Has Affected Me in This Industry - Omowunmi Dada

During her interview, Omowunmi Dada was asked "In the cause of building you acting brand; what are some of the challenges you encountered?", she said:

The first challenge that I had as an actress was my stature. When I attended auditions back then, people usually told me, ‘‘Oh you are very good and quite talented but unfortunately, you are small in stature.’’ I used to be very skinny and I am still not big now so, my small stature posed a challenge. Even the colour of my skin was another major challenge. Sometimes, people would tell me that I am dark-skinned and they want a light-skinned person for a particular role but I am very happy that right now, filmmakers now look past the complexion of actors and the focus is now on talents and what you can bring to the table. It’s now about what you’ve got inside of you, your level of discipline and your craft. Those were some of the things I had to deal with and I surmounted them. Of course, I love challenges and I love playing characters that enable me to be able to task myself. I don’t like to feature in movies with drab characters. The farther I am from a character, the more excited I am to conquer challenges.

"Is nudity a no go area for you?"

It depends on how the nudity is being created. You can create nudity in a very creative way and it will be tastefully done; also what is the essence of that nudity?  Again it’s not just like I want to show my body for example, you want to act a rape victim scene, there is no way that it would be played and dress won’t be ripped. Well, it’s really not bad to be naked.

"What is your advice for the younger ones?"

Do not ever forget what you are made of, life would be hard but you have to find inner strength to go on. Everything you need to make it in life is in you and God’s hands; it’s been deposited by God. It’s okay to be you but know one thing that you are destined to be great and you will be great and nothing anybody will do or say that will drag you back and I will just whisper to her that, Omowunmi Dada just know that you are a star and you are going to change the world.