5 style rules for every short girl

Everyone has different style preferences and the goal is to look your best at all times. But as a petite girl or short girl, you have to be careful with your style choices.

We at The Daily Page present to you 5 style rules that every short girl needs to know.

1. Always wear high-waisted or high-rise never low-rise

Always wear high-waisted pants, jeans, skirts, etc. High-waisted pants will help you look taller as a short person, but low-rise pants only make it more visible how short you are. Although mid-rise pants can also be worn if you are a short girl.

2. Oversized clothes are VERBOTEN

Oversized clothes are forbidden. They make short people look like they are drowning in them, but if you must wear oversized clothing, you have to wear something fitted. If your pants, jeans, skirt, etc. is oversized your top must be fitted and vice-versa. Never pair oversized with oversized. You don’t want to look like a balloon. If you are going to wear an oversized gown, you must wear tall heels, this will help add more inches to your height.

3. Always carry a small bag

Small bags are the best for short girls, small bags are appropriate for short girls because it is appropriate for their body size. Big bags make it look like you are carrying luggage instead of a bag. Oversized bags are not for you.

Style rules for short girl


4. Avoid long pants, jeans

Pants that buckle at the hemline might be in vogue now but it’s definitely poison to you if you are a short girl. It will make your short legs look even shorter. So go for pants that are at least above your ankle or your exact height length, but never longer.

5. Do not wear long tops

As a short-height girl, long tops are forbidden. Tops that are long or end around your hip are a no-no, instead go for a top that is above your hip, below your waist, or a crop top if you prefer.