Who is Daniel Regha? Bio & Other Facts

Daniel Regha is a popular Nigerian social media influencer who came to prominence for his tweets online. He has been known for several controversies online.


Daniel Regha has been able to draw attention online among media users and celebrities alike as a ‘social media adviser’.

Regha started as a commenter on popular facebook blogs such as Yabaleft and Gistreel. He was heavily criticized on the platform and so he moved to Twitter.

He joined Twitter in January 2020 with his bio simply reading “Somewhere in Nigeria”. He does not hesitate to write “no offence” at the end of his tweets.

Daniel Regha has clashes with celebrities like Davido, Blaqbozez, Yemi Alade and the video director TG Omori. He gave his opinion about kizz Daniel video which was shot by TG Omori where he mentioned that the video did not meet the expectation and does not convey the message from the song itself.

Net Worth

Daniel Regha is a Twitter influencer and his net worth has not been estimated

Social Media

Daniel Regha is active on social media. He is on Twitter at @DanielRegha

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions Daniel Regha:

Who is Daniel Regha?

Dani Regha is a social media influencer who became known for his tweets online.

How old is Daniel Regha?

Daniel Regha has not disclosed his age.

Is Daniel Regha married?

There is no details of Daniel Regha relationship.

What is Daniel Regha’s Net Worth?

Daniel Regha net Worth has not been estimated.