The Real reasons why you may be Dreaming of your Ex-boyfriend

Not all relationships conclude in a happily ever after, for there are some that have a ghastly end.

Be it a bitter break up, or a mutual part of ways, there is often deep-seated hurt and agony after people end a relationship.

In many cases one or both of the individuals tend to hang on to unresolved issues from their time together.

So, here is a quick guide to help you discover the real reasons why you may have been dreaming of your ex-boyfriend lately.

1. You have residual feelings for them

Relationships are often deeply in trenched in the spirals of your heart. And even though logic may demand that you end a relationship to start a new one, your heart may take much longer to process this information and act on it. Therefore, it is natural that you might be holding on to residual feelings that cause you to dream about your ex subconsciously. The best way forward is to talk it out with them so that you consciously cut them out of your life to help yourself move on unencumbered.

2. You may have dreamt of them because you seek closure

Whether you dreamt of a coffee date with your ex or saw yourself marrying them; do not fear these dreams for they do not mean that you want to get back with them. Perhaps they broke up abruptly without giving you time to discuss the root cause of the breakup. Or maybe you ended things with them. This merely means that you have been seeking closure and should consider introspecting about the matter.

3. A true coincidence  

Lastly, it can also be that they have been on your mind lately. Perhaps you have encountered something that reminded you of them recently. Or maybe you’ve spoken to an old mutual friend who knew the both of you.

Remember that you don’t have to look for much meaning into this and consciously choose your path ahead with someone you can truly trust.