7 Foods to Eat Before and After Swimming

Whether you swim for fitness or for competition, swimming is a demanding sport.

No wonder our appetites boost after a swim session! This makes food all the more important to fuel our bodies before a swim and recover well after one.


Before a swim workout, make sure to constantly eat small amounts of carbohydrates. Try whole grain carbohydrates or some fruits and vegetables. These foods will provide you with the energy to keep your arms and legs moving in the water and are also very nutritious. You should avoid fatty foods as much as possible, because they are harder to digest. Instead of pizza or burgers before a swim, why not opt for healthier foods that will make you feel good throughout your workout?

1. Whole grain pasta

Whole grain pasta, a carbohydrate, should be enough to give you the boost of energy you need before swimming. Mix some of your favorite vegetables or meat with your pasta to get those extra vitamins and proteins.

2. BagelsBagels are a great source of carbohydrates and are so easy to eat on the go. Try to find some bagels that are made with whole grains to maximize nutrition. You could make a simple sandwich with peanut butter or lean turkey to get some protein along the way.

3. BananasBananas are an awesome source of potassium, which makes them one of the best foods to eat before any workout. Plus, they taste so good! Why not satisfy your sweet tooth and get the boost of energy you need before swimming with one fruit? Grab a banana on the way to the pool and see the benefits during your swim session.


It is important to help your body recover after a hard swim, which makes your food choices all the more important after swimming. These foods for to satisfy your post-swim cravings should provide you with proteins and nutrients to help your body recover for your next workout. Proteins will help repair your muscles and refuel your body, while fresh fruits and vegetables will keep you hydrated and replenish lost nutrients.

4. Lean chicken

Lean chicken is a good way to get protein without eating all of the saturated fats that are usually in meats. Make a salad topped with lean chicken or simply eat the chicken with some brown rice to add whole grains to your meal.

5. Eggs

Eggs are another great source of protein. A solid 6 grams of protein in one egg will help your muscles recover before your next swim session. Also, there so are many ways to prepare eggs that you will never get bored of eating them! Eggs go well with anything, whether it’s toast, rice or salad, so don’t hesitate to buy a carton of eggs the next time you go grocery shopping.

6. Low-fat yogurt

Everybody loves some nice, creamy yogurt with fruit and nuts. Yogurt provides a lot of protein, but be sure to look out for those added sugars that make them so sweet. Try opting for some Greek yogurt or other low-fat, unsweetened yogurts that will give you that essential protein.

7. Protein barsIf you only have time for a simple snack after swimming, you might like the idea of grabbing some protein bars that you can eat on the go. Check out this ranking of protein bars based on their taste and nutritional values.

Now that you know some great foods to eat before and after swimming, be sure to fuel your body when you decide to get in the pool. Your body will recover better, and you’ll look forward to your next swim session.