5 Relationship milestones to achieve before getting married


Before popping the question to your partner, it is necessary to be acquainted with some things before you both say YES.

Needless to say, every relationship should have some milestones that need to be completed before tying the knot.

Hence, here listed are some of the relationship milestones that one should achieve before getting married.

1. Find out if your partner is a saver or spender

It is very important to know your partner’s financial preferences and stability. You both should be on the same page about finances, expenditures and savings. Before thinking of tying the knot, you both should have a serious discussion about the same.

2. Be open about past incidents

Be it about relationships, events or anything in particular, it is always a good idea to be on the clear regarding your past. Be honest with your partner and keep no secrets between you both. It’s the start of a healthy relationship.

3. Get the family’s approval

Before you get married, always seek permission or blessings from your partner’s family because they are an essential part of your partner’s life.

4. Get on board with each other’s expectations

Have a discussion about your life’s expectations and challenges with your partner. It is necessary to know what you’re getting into, especially since you’ll be helping your partner achieve their goals, expectations and battle challenges.

5. Have a discussion about having a family together

Children are a very important part of your future together. Hence, it is only fair that you both are on the same page when it comes to having children or not, after marriage.